Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite LGBTQ+ Reads


A few days later than I wanted this to be up but I’ve just gone back to work and it’s going to take a little while of adjustment. I could have missed this week, true, but how could I miss a chance to recommend you some of my fave lgbtq+ reads? If you want more Top 5 Wednesdays content, you can check out the Goodreads group here.


29904219Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

This book – soon to be series of – is probably one of my favourite reads ever. I bought it because there is a girl and girl romance and I really wanted to read more of those. Then I found out that the main character, Jess, is bisexual, like me, and it just played with my little gay heart. There’s superheroes and a corrupt government and race tensions with so much diversity, it was amazing.



Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst25164304

This was the book that encouraged me to start reading again. It’s a romance between two princesses in a fantasy world with magic and prejudices because of magic, and I just loved it. I’d never read a book about gay characters at this point that didn’t have anything to do with homophobia or where the ending was anything but them riding off into the sunset. This book changed all of that.





We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

Heartbreaking and beautiful. This story is about grief and loss and confronting your past, about depression and lost love – that love being between Mabel and Marin, best friends who had become something more before Marin disappeared and dropped contact. Now, they have to confront that space that time created between them. It’s so sweet, made me cry a few times, and though it doesn’t end in romance, the end is still incredibly wonderful.


George by Alex Gino24612624

This isn’t actually a book I’ve read yet (as of writing this, I’m waiting for George to come in the post) but I’ve heard so many incredible things about this story. It’s about a trans girl dealing with who she is, who other people see her as, and it’s written for a young audience. I have so many high hopes for this story, which is why I’m including it in this list!





Geekerella by Ashley Poston

I’m including this book last because it’s a book with a lgbtq+ couple as a close secondary relationship. Not the main, but what was there was very sweet and it was so unexpected that it would even be included that it made me very happy.

What do you guys think? Have any LGBTQ+ reads that you’d want to recommend? I’m always up for reading more queer lit! Leave your comments below!



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