Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Still Need To Finish


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme created by The Broke and The Bookish. For more information on the weekly topics, take a look over here.

This week is all about the series that I need to finish – or need to start as the case may be. I love a series. I love the development that can be achieved in one and I have a ton that are sitting on my shelves and waiting to be read.

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T R U T H W I T C H  // I started this book and then stopped for unknown reasons and I just haven’t picked it up again. But I have both books in the series ready for a marathon and it will happen…eventually.

T H E   D E M O N   K I N G // Cinda William China books were recommended to be on booktube and I want an epic fantasy to sink my teeth into. But there seem to be a lot of books in this series. And even more books in the companion series. I don’t have enough room on my bookcase for all of them, but if I like this book as much as I have been promised, I will find the room.

S L E E P I N G  G I A N T S // I brought this book when I was in the sci-fi mood because I wanted some aliens and space giants or whatever this book is supposed to be about. I know it’s supposed to be good and I’m excited to start – I just haven’t done it yet.

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A  G A T H E R I N G  O F   S H A D O W S // Finally, a book series I’ve started! I loved A Darker Shade of Magic and I wanted to read one book a month until I’d finished the series. That’s only three months of my life – not the worst way to spend me time. Watch me as I continue to not read A Gathering of Shadows.

T H E   B O N E  S E A S O N // I feel like I’m going to get judged for this one. I have all the books that are currently released, they’re just currently unread by me.

T H E  S T A R-T O U C H E D  Q U E E N // I was so hyped for A Crown of Wishes and when my copy arrived, I…didn’t read it. Still haven’t. Need to fix this.


T H E   W R A T H  &  T H E  D A W N // I brought the first book in this series very early on to me watching booktube because it was raved about so much. One of the first books I got my hands on – and yet still unread.

D O R O T H Y  M U S T  D I E // I’ve been wanting to read this series before I even got back into reading again. I brought the hardcover and it looks so pretty with and without the dustcover. I had to convince myself out of buying the most recent book this weekend.

D R E A D N O U G H T // it’s about queer superheroes and I love the idea. I was given permission to read the sequel that’s coming out this year by the publisher via Netgalley and boy I want to just read the crap out of this series.

A N D  I  D A R K E N // another book I have an egalley of the sequel of! Now I Rise comes out next week (June 27th) and I need to read the first book before I can sink my teeth into the next.

Have you read any of these? What’s on your series I must finish TBR List? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Still Need To Finish

  1. I read the wrath and the dawn but I didn’t finish the series , it was a good book , but didn’t interest me enough to read the second one
    Hope you like it


    1. Renee Ahdieh’s writing seems to do that to people – either you love her books or just can’t finish them!
      Her books interest me enough that I hope I’m in the former!
      Happy Reading to you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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