Top 5 Summer Reads


I’m a ‘read all the books all year round’ kind of person so I don’t really have specific seasonal reads BUT today I’ve decided to give myself one. So this is five books I plan to read during the summer months that felt particularly summer-y.


W E  A R E  L I A R S // I’ve heard so much about this book and yet I know nothing other than it’s a thriller about a rich family set in a private holiday home. But this season I will finally figure out exactly what this book is about.

Q U E E N  O F  G E E K S // It’s fun and geeky with queer and autistic characters and I genuinely don’t know why it’s taken me so long to actually pick this book up.

O U R  O W N  P R I V A T E  U N I V E R S E // a book I picked up because it was about gay girls and literally nothing else. I want to read more about lgbtq+ girls in general and this is book will definitely add to that goal.


W H E N  D I M P L E  M E T  R I S H I // there’s been hype for this book for months before it came out. It’s supposed to be a sweet romance set during a coding camp and I’m excited to fall in love with this story and these characters.

S I M O N  V S  T H E  H O M O  S A P I A N S  A G E N D A // another queer book that was recommended to me! I’ve been told it’s really sweet and Becky Albertalli’s writing is supposed to be incredible so I’m excited to give this book – and this author – a try!


What books are on your Summer Reading Lists? What do you think of the summer-y books that I’ve chosen? Let me know in the comments below!


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