Update: I’m Making Some Changes

Hey bookworms! It’s been a while – I haven’t abandoned this blog, don’t worry, but recent times definitely made me take a step back from this space.

Work and University all ganged up on me these last couple of weeks and I just haven’t been able to get back into the swing of reading and reviewing. But that’s going to change!

I’ve got a new blog logo, designed by the lovely Aentee at readatmidnight, and with that, I’m going to be making some other changes!

Books With Keri 02

Weekly Schedule

I don’t have a posting schedule for this blog because of a lot of the time, it depends on my time, how much I’ve read, how many galleys I have to review that month etc. but I do plan on at least posting one review a week, either on Wednesdays or Fridays.

Sometimes, there might be more, but one is my weekly goal.

I’m also planning on writing more features – author interviews, discussions on topics surrounding books, playlists and other fun and unique content. Features will be posted at least once a week on Thursdays or Saturdays.


So I’m doing my MA in Creative Writing and I want to have more writing based content on my blog, whether it’s writing advice or extracts from my current novel or short stories that I want to share.

So on Sundays, every fortnight, I will be posting examples of my writing to share with you all. I encourage you to read and reply and link me to your own work because us writers need to stick together!

Book Reviews

The layout of my reviews will also change! What I had before was detailed but took a lot of work to do, so I’ve simplified, cut it into three sections with a generic ‘book review’ title.


The first review in my new layout will be posted not long after this post goes up.

(Headers will also all be changed to something that matches my new blog theme).


Anyway bookworms, this is the plan for now! It might change – I’m always up for new ideas and adapting and changing – but I want to do more with this site than I currently have.

happy reading

books with keri sign off



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