books i should have reviewed ages ago but didn’t – whoops

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Okay, so, sometimes time runs away from us – it just seemed to happen to me a lot in 2018. I had a long reading slump, I had other commitments (the last submission for my master’s degree especially taking up so much of my time and energy) and as a result, I didn’t review as many books as I had planned to last year.

Since it’s the beginning of 2019, and since most of these reviews were half written anyway, I decided to combine them together into a single post that truly demonstrated my reviewing failure of the year.

So here are six books that I should have reviewed ages ago but didn’t – whoops!

35297394The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

Wicked Deep was a wonderfully dramatic and beautifully written novel. It follows Penny Talbot, who lives in a town cursed to have the spirits of three sister witches return to get their revenge – by taking the lives of three boys before the summer is up. It is full of twists and turns, unexpected surprises and some beautifully eloquent writing. I adored this book so much, it may be one of my favourite reads of the year, and if you haven’t checked this out, I would totally advise that you do as soon as possible!

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Legendary by Stephanie Garber36329818

Legendary is the sequel to Caraval (the first book review I ever wrote for this blog) and follows Scarlett’s sister, Donatella (better known as Tella) as she investigates what happened to her mother all those years ago whilst the aftermath of the previous Caraval game complicates matters. I found this book even more enjoyable than Caraval as it expanded the story, answered a lot of the questions I had and gave us insight to a complex character that didn’t get a lot of time in the first book. If you enjoyed Caraval, or perhaps even wanted more than the original story, Legendary does deliver.

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36404186Between The Blade and The Heart by Amanda Hocking

This is a book about valkyries and I love valkyries. Set in a modern world where supernatural creatures live among us, this follows the story of Malin, a valkyrie in training who must deal with the consequences of a choice her mother made decades before. I thoroughly enjoyed this book whilst reading it, although in retrospect it wasn’t as much as a striking tale as it could have been. I liked Amanda Hocking’s writing style, it was fast-paced and easy to read, and the world she wrote about was immersive enough to keep you reading. I haven’t read the sequel yet, but I do have plans to in the future, just to see how this story ends.

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34203592October Is The Coldest Month by Christoffer Carlsson

A snapshot of a moment after a murder and the teenage girl that gets washed up in it. A really quick read. Attempts to deal with serious issues such as sexual assault and trauma, and has varying degrees of success. Sexualisation of the main character – a young teenage girl – is frequent and uncomfortable in places. Overall, an interesting book that was quick to read and had a decent murder mystery within.

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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 9361589

A favourite of many, I finally got to read The Night Circus and it became immediately obvious why this book is so beloved. Morgenstern’s writing is detailed and precise. The world of the circus was incredible and the concept of the game of magic within the circus tent is very well executed. Because of how expansive this world was, it was quite slow going in places and the build-up took a really long time to actually finish building. It took over half of the book for me to actually be invested in what was happening but once I was, I did enjoy what I read. I can see it as the original circus based book that other circus based books have branched from and I appreciate that.

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32604412The Gold-Son by Carrie Anne Noble

Written as if it were a fairytale, The Gold-Son encompasses all the things that make a fairytale something beloved. It’s easy to read and enjoyable most of the way through, A story about Leprechauns is completely unique in the YA Fantasy market and definitely takes all these old ideas about the mythical species and making this something new and yet familiar. There were only two downsides – the tropes of the romance and the fact that the main focus of the book Tommin is overshadowed by second protagonist Eve – she was far more interesting and honestly should have taken the lead in how the story was told. Despite this, if you want something new and simple and fairy tale inspired, this is a book that is worth you trying.

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Have you ever fallen behind in reviewing? Have you read any of the books mentioned above? I’d love to hear what you thought about them (and how you cope when you have a lot of work to do). Leave your comment down below!

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