Review Policy



I accept both ebooks and physical books as review copies. If a review copy has been provided to me it will not be shared and/or sold to any third-party.

I read Young Adult and New Adult books, as well as Adult books, and my favourite subgenres to those are contemporary, mystery, suspense, fantasy, and adventure. I prefer books with diversity in their protagonists. However, I tend to always want to try new things so send me your request and I will look it over on a case by case basis.

I won’t write reviews for books that I did not finish for whatever reason.

All my reviews are solely based on my honest opinion. If an ARC or review copy was provided to me, it will not affect my review in any way. It will be written and executed in the same manner as a review of a book I have purchased myself.


flower rating systemflower rating systemflower rating systemflower rating systemflower rating system

  • 1 flower: I really didn’t enjoy the book. It was problematic and/or flaws that couldn’t be overlooked.
  • 2 flowers: I didn’t really like the book, but there were some good aspects overall.
  • 3 flowers: I like this book, but there were a few flaws that I could pardon to an extent. I would only recommend to people who like similar books.
  • 4 flowers: I really enjoyed this book. Well worth reading, kept me engaged throughout. I would recommend that everyone give it a read.
  • 5 flowers: The best thing I’ve ever read. I adore this book with all of me. Please read this.